There are three chemotaxonomic types of Cannabis:

  1. one with high levels of THC
  2. one which is more fibrous and has higher levels of CBD
  3. and one that is an intermediate between the two.

The effects of cannabis varies greatly across different strains.

Cannabis strains with CBD:THC ratios above 5:2 are likely to be more relaxing and produce less anxiety than vice versa. This may be due to CBD’s antagonistic effects at the cannabinoid receptors, compared to THC’s partial agonist effect. CBD is also a 5-HT1A receptor (serotonin) agonist, which may also contribute to an anxiolytic-content effect.

The effects of Sativa are well known for its cerebral high. Users can expect a more vivid and uplifting high, while Indica is well known for its sedative effects which some prefer for night time use.

Indica possesses a more calming, soothing, and numbing experience in which can be used to relax or relieve pain. Both are used as medicinal cannabis.


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