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Our automated cultivation processes are designed to ensure consistent results

Medcan Australia has constructed a state-of-the-art facility allowing us to control every aspect of the plant’s input including humidity, temperature, VPD, CO2, fertigation mix and light intensity.

Medicinal cannabis plants are extremely susceptible to mould and powdery mildew caused by high levels of humidity and fluctuations in temperature/humidity. Our plants are not affected by many of these external environmental impacts that a broadacre or greenhouse crop would experience.

This high level of control allows us the ability to reproduce consistent harvests cycle after cycle and allows us to cultivate at full production year-round regardless of the season.

Post Harvest Production – GACP

Whist environment control is vital for Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation we believe another critical part of medicinal cannabis cultivation is Post Harvest Production following Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP).

Once a plant is harvested it is vital that it is dried and trimmed (manicured) following a robust Quality Management System (QMS).

At Medcan Australia this starts with hang drying in one of our custom designed and engineered drying rooms. Utilising horizontal linear airflow to ensure there are no microclimates within room, this industry leading technology sets the Medcan Australia facility apart from our peers.

The precisely controlled linear airflow allows for consistent drying throughout the rooms producing a more consistent product and reducing chances of mould and powdery mildew.

GMP Manufacture

Medicinal Cannabis is a manufactured medication and as such must be manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

GMP ensures that a product is manufactured under a robust Quality Management System. GMP starts from a vendor qualification around the source materials used for further processing/manufacture and follows a product until the release of specific batch.

GMP encompasses things such as validation data, product stability, packaging materials used, specific label requirements to name just a few.

In short GMP ensures the highest standard of pharmaceutical manufacture.

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