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26th November, 2019 – For immediate release

Medcan Australia – Import Permits received for significant volume of the full range of Medcan Australia branded products

Medcan Australia (Medcan) is pleased to announce the issue of Import Permits for Medcan’s full range of Medcan Australia branded products in a significant volume.

The issue of these permits follows the successful issue of two previous rounds of Import Permits for Medcan Australia branded products.

Successful issue of these Import Permits:
i) allows the import of significant volume of Medcan’s full range of Medcan Australia branded products being:

a. Dried Flower

b. 20mg THC Oil

c. 5mg THC / 8mg CBD Oil

d. 20mg CBD Oil

e. 8mg THC Capsules

f. 5mg THC / 8mg CBD Capsules

g. 10mg CBD Capsules

ii) allows Medcan to further penetrate the Australian market and significantly increase its current market share iii) continues to validate Medcan’s short term revenue strategy iv) allows for substantial revenue in the Dec 2019 & Mar 2020 quarters to support Medcan’s business development.

For further information on Medcan’s expansion plans:

Comments from Craig Cochran – CEO Medcan Australia:
Medcan Australia Founder, Craig Cochran said: “The granting of these Import Permits for a significant volume of our complete range of Medcan Australia branded products is the next step in our short term revenue strategy. We have recently validated our supply chain and distribution pathways with 90% of our previously imported Medcan Australia branded products being sold within a week of arrival.”
Craig Continued: “We are now in a position to significantly increase our market share allowing us to provide patients with more cost effective products, whilst increasing our short term revenue. It continues progression towards Medcan’s vision of providing reliable access to patient specific Medicinal Cannabis products at the most cost effective price.”

Medcan Australia was founded in 2016 and was one of the first Australian companies to be licensed by the Office of Drug Control (ODC) to cultivate and produce Medicinal Cannabis, manufacture Medicinal Cannabis products and import and export Medicinal Cannabis products. The company was founded with a single vision to provide Australian patients with high quality, fair priced Medicinal Cannabis products.
Medcan Australia are one of only a few companies in Australia to hold the full suite of ODC (Office of Drug Control) Licences, State Licences & DAWR Permit being:
1) Cultivation and Production Licence – no. MC013/17
2) Manufacture Licence – no. ML015/18
3) Research Licence – no. RL18/19
4) Import Licence – no. 1821087
5) Export Licence – no. 1821088
6) DAWR Permit – no. 0002005875
7) QLD Health Poison’s Licence – no. AG007354718
8) QLD Wholesaling Approval – no. C-MC-1289

Medcan Australia will be producing a range of high quality Medicinal Cannabis strains with varying CBD & THC profiles to suit varying medicinal applications, with all of our products manufactured under GMP certification, ensuring consistent medicine for patients.

For Further Information please contact:

Gareth Ball +61414860512

Po Box 4579, Springfield, QLD, Australia, 4300

19th November, 2019 – For immediate release

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