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About Medcan Australia

Medcan Australia’s mission

“Redefining High Quality, Indoor Cultivation”

Medcan Australia is a leader in the Australian Health Care Industry.

With a vertically integrated model we Cultivate, Produce and Manufacture high quality products. Our automated cultivation processes are designed to ensure consistent results ensuring the quality, composition and reliability of supply.

Medcan Australia was granted the 13th Cultivation and Production licence from the Office of Drug Control in November 2017 and has built on this foundation to create a state-of-the-art Australian based facility which cultivates and produces products under GMP and GACP. 


Compassionate Access

Medcan Australia introduced Australia’s first Compassionate Access Program. The Compassionate Access program subsidizes medications based on clinical need and financial hardship.

Medcan Australia holds a suite of Federal and State Licences making it one of the few Australian companies that can Cultivate, Produce and Manufacture:

ODC Medicinal Cannabis Licence

ODC Import Licence

ODC Export Licence

DAW (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources) Permit

QLD Health Wholesaling Licence

The Medcan Australia facility has the ability to produce up to 6,000kgs of dried finished product

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Medical Cannabis


Medical Cannabis


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